It’s always good, I think, to showcase accomplishments. Because of that, here are some recordings that I worked on with a garage rock band in Eugene, OR. It was a lot of fun, and, since the guitar is something that Paul McCartney has said is like a therapist, here are tapings with my therapist.

In 2015, as the Seattle Seahawks were about to choke their back-to-back Super Bowl Championships, the Slumps were in a studio within the tree-filled city of Oregon City. This album is the product of pizza, beer, and frustrations of recording the title song “How It Goes.”
Lead guitar: Henry Houston

The Slumps returned to the tucked away studio of Supernatural Sound in November 2015 with one new member, new music, and the same beer and pizza. If “How It Goes” possessed elements of frustration, “As It Was” was an EP of madness, yet resulted in some of my favorite tracks that the band ever recorded.
Lead guitar: Henry Houston